Saturday, May 14, 2011


I'm getting ready to go to the Doll and Bear show so this will be short very short. I start training for the new instrument on Monday the big thins that sucks is yes I do not get a raise. There being really stingy there right now. I mean my friend is leaving and there not replacing her! And this is now the 4th person they have not replaced! Its going to get to a point that were going to have difficultly getting stuff out. Ok that's it just enjoy my silly photos for the day!


Blessed Rain said...

Love the photos expected that they wouldn't give you a raise - but they are equipping you to go out and get a better more stable job!
downside you still GET to work there! (fake enthusiasm)
Upside - one day soon you will work for a REAL company (claps hands happily)

Dawn Marie said...

I love your photos! At least with the new job, you are learning a new skill that will look great on your resume. Your little boy is very cute.