Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Darn we bought two African dwarf frogs over the weekend and one already died! I love my kitties but I wanted some other type of low maintenance pet with them and well this isn't turning out well. We got two but there social and do not like being alone. I don't know though if I should bother buying another because of how fats the first one died. Luckily I found it when Connor was asleep and disposed of it before he saw. Hopefully he's young enough to forget that there were two frogs in there. we have only had them for three days!


Blessed Rain said...

How did it die? We have three fire belly toads - bright green on the top and red on the belly - for over a year now. Here's hoping the other lives!

Heather said...

No idea I came home and it was dead. It was a lot smaller then the other so maybe I got a sick one?

Blessed Rain said...

Not a clue but normally pet stores will give you a 14 day guarantee - at least where we bought our frogs did. Hope the next one lives - you didn't was out their tank with soap right?

Rhianna said...

Damn. Poor thing. If I remember right they're pretty sensitive to their water condition. I know Petco for sure will give you a refund if it died within 7 days from the day you bought it. They might want to test the water it was in though, to make sure it wasn't something in the water. We don't have a lot of pet stores here I can only think of 3 (including Petco) so all our critters pretty much have come from them.

I know they don't have super long lifespans but that's a little too short. lol

We just had to put down our beta the other night I am so sick of aquatic pets. Now if only the three mice would die... then we'd be down to the dog and the two cats. Speaking of the damned dog... I better go tell her to hush she's barking her head off out back. *sigh*