Sunday, May 15, 2011

Big project

I've been working on a big counted cross stitch project not even close to finishing it. It'll probably take me a year to do. below is a picture of a square I just finished. it took me a few weeks to do this one square and it has 28 squares.

And now here is the whole thing as of Friday. Before I had finished the above square. the other squares are not finished because I'm waiting to most of the back stitches until all of the cross stitching is done. Its a blanket.

Lastly I want to the Doll and Bear show yesterday with my mom. We use to go a lot but this is the first time I've gone since Connor was born. I kept telling myself that I'm just going to look but not buy! We'll we got there and I saw from a distance and Adora doll that I had wanted for the past ten years. One that my aunt Pam> I've teased her many times that if it disappeared she'd know where it ended up. Anyhow I didn't go look at the doll right off cause I know Adora dolls are 80 dollars and up. Not something I was going to spend. We looked a round for a bit there were a lot of old dolls which I've never been a big fan off. So we finally got to the one shop and I did a quick double take they had her marked as $35. Kept thinking they must have marked her wrong! No way would anyone sale a brand new Adora doll for that price. nope it was right and ok I admit she's sitting on my desk.

And yes there is another Adora doll sitting behind her. I admit these are my favorite dolls and the only ones I collect anymore. I Have 7. This is the first one I've bought since having Connor. these is one other I want really, really bad one Russ says he'll get me for Christmas or my birthday. Hope he follows through with that promise!


Blessed Rain said...

Amazing and very super cute dolls! Sounds like you are hard at work!

Dawn Marie said...

Those are very cute dolls. I hope you get the other one for Christmas too!