Sunday, May 15, 2011


Ok so I fixed the labels of this post and it now says it was posted on Sunday not Wendsday. Strange!

So today started out frustrating and the instrument I run was giving issues again and I knew I'd end up leaving a little late. it finally behaved was going to get out on time when my boss came by said she wanted to talk to me but would be a few minutes. 15 minutes later she came in and afford me to switch to a different instrument. No more working late until 6 on Fridays, no more dealing with a certain person cause she doesn't prep for that instrument and no more short holds.Instead daily rushes and different set up and it has of course has issues to and can and does go down from time to time. Big plus though would add to my resume AND, and this is the huge thing many other places higher for this instrument and pay more. So give me a few years learning it and getting good on it I could get a better job that pays more and has brace for it...a 401K! Yes it will be very very very stressful at first and I am a little nervous about it anything new can be intimidating but the long term benefits out way anything of the now.

And side not the frogs I think it is the water I'm boiling it and following what they said to do but doesn't seem to be enough think the water here is to tough on them :/.


Blessed Rain said...

We use reverse osmosis water (have our own filter) so that might make a difference and we have a waterfall set up in the tank as well a live plants and fish. (huge terrarium)

Blessed Rain said...

By the way Great news about work! I think moving onto the other machine is SO COOL!
Good luck on learning it and rocking out!

Dawn Marie said...

Sounds like a great opportunity at work! I'm excited for you. I hope your frog situation works out. I keep wanting another tortoise. Oh, and yeah our dogs escaped the other night again. We spent a hour or so looking for them, and brought them back home. We need a new fence. :(

Rhianna said...

Oh that is such great news about the change at work! *hugs* I'm so happy for you. Once you get past the stressful part and start making more $ it will be worth all the hair pulling. :)

We had to get an RO unit for Adam's fishtanks because our water here (while pretty good) is also very hard and gets chlorine treatments. One trick that works pretty well if you don't have an RO unit is to fill up clean milk jugs with water and let them sit with the caps off for 24-48 hours to let evaporation get rid of some of the bad stuff. That's what Adam started doing because our RO unit would take an hour to fill a 5 gallon jug and sometimes you can't sit and wait for it to finish. lol