Saturday, May 21, 2011

My work

I realized that I talked a lot about my job but never about what I actually do at my job. Well I'll do a brief description now.

This is like the instrument I use now. We call it the Lachat. Uses lots of chemicals. It tests for Nh3, phenol, total phosphates, ortho-phosphates, cyanide, TKN(, chloride, nitrate, nitrite and hexachrome. Many have short holds. Wen sample comes in needs to be ran within 24-48 hours hence me working until 6.

I can also run the IC (Ion chromatography) as a back up. Its easier then the one I normally run.

Lastly I am now learning to run the ICP . Which tests for A LOT of different metals not going to name them all.


Blessed Rain said...

So is the new machine going to continue to ruin your cloths? Hope the training has been going well!

Heather said...

Unfortunately Yes! everything is 10% nitric acid some say its worse then the Lachat. :? OS unfortunately I still will have that problem. I do find one thing strange other people who work on it don't wear gloves. Which is crazy when working with that concentration of acid!

Dawn Marie said...

not wearing gloves is crazy! I'd want to keep my skin. I like seeing what it is you work on.