Monday, May 9, 2011


So I get to work today and found out no one else from work went to the Tulip Festival. Its ironic that this was the first one that they did at work that Russ and I actually wanted to go to, but no one else did. No wonder I feel like an outsider at work I;m nothing like most of those people. They'd all rather go to a bar and hang out while I'd rather be outside at a garden. Oh well.


Blessed Rain said...

That is funny! I'm on your side! Garden vs bar I would choose garden.

Rhianna said...

*giggles* Gawd I feel your pain! I'd have to say I'd pick the garden too. I've always been more of a backyard barbeque socializer than a fan of the cluster-at-the-bar kind of girl. Even since they banned smoking in our bars I'm still not a fan.

Well hell with 'em I say! You're too cool for them and they just don't know it. ;)

Dawn Marie said...

I'm with the garden in that scenario as well, but I would rather paint it then plant it. ;)
I'm all for being the odd one out, but that's where I seem to fit as well and I'm pretty happy there. I love you pictures!