Sunday, May 8, 2011

New program!

Ok so I was playing with my new program and this will be a lot of fun as soon as I get all of my other cross stitch project done. Which what I have is going to take a while! here is some screen caps of stuff I was playing with.

Now I just need to get my printer working oops!


Blessed Rain said...

They look great! I agree that a working printer is a must! Happy Mothers Day!

Rhianna said...

Cool! I'm not a cross stitcher—I tried it like 20 years ago and sucked—but I've always wondered if there was a program to make your own patterns from designs.

Ya know what Heath? You should totally look up author Allison Pang. Her first book came out in January and it has a unicorn (who plays WoW) in it and last week she made a post on her blog about cross stitching. I just think you'd really like her book and she's just very cool. She used to be a play-by-post RPer like us!

Heather said...

OK added that book to my wish list for my reader cause its actually sold by Sony. Miracle really there selection has some limits. Though not sure when I'll get it as of late been trying to save money when i can so haven't bought many books just been getting free downloads from the Sony reader site. Which isn't always the best of books. Some are good though.

Rhianna said...

I hear ya! Doing the reviewer thing is one of the ways I cut back on my book expenses. One of our stupid cats actually knocked a glass of water over onto my copy of A Brush of Darkness so it's all messed up now. lol

Adam's cousin and our friends who came to visit at Christmas bought me a Kindle so I've been trying to switch to all ebooks but it's hard. I love the space saving capability but ugh the prices on ebooks can be more than the paper versions!

Heather said...

I know its one thing that pisses me off when i buy the books. How can they be so much? There not printed for crying out loud. Boy do publishers make a lot on a download! I won't even touch the books that have only been released as hard back! 30 dollars for a downloaded version of the book? I don't think so!