Sunday, March 25, 2012

11 days

I can't believe that my little guy is 11 days old! And quick side note anyone else having trouble loading pictures? Well for most of the day there wasn't a whole lot of change. I could tell that he was doing better he's less swollen and his color looks so much better. To show him much of difference swelling wise he is I posted two pics below the first was 2 days post op and the second (same as above) was taken today and yes his still a little swollen! I wonder what my baby will look like once all his swelling has gone away. Because honestly I've never seen him not swollen.

I called his nurse not to long ago and he's ventilator has been taken down to 15 it was at 20 when we were there 6 hours ago. Its slow enough now that he is doing most of the work. they say at midnight that he will be taken off it for an hour to see how he does, but they will not decide on getting rid of it until after he has x-rays performed *crossing fingers*.  Breast milk is steadily being increased and they are removing a bunch of IVs and wires tomorrow! The two wires in his chest are being removed and they may be removing the bigger tube in his chest that was there for draining, which means they could get him closed up! I hope at least some of this happens! means he's getting closer to being moved to upstairs and slowly prepared to go home!

Connor has been difficult right now he really wants to see Aiden he just can't right now. Everyday he asks to see him and we have to keep saying no and yes he has been acting up a bit and I feel this is the reason. Its has not been easy on my little guy.


Rhianna said...

There is a big difference! The news sounds generally encouraging though. Has it really only been 11? (Yes, I was counting too! lol)

I'm kind of in awe of the amazing science we have to give babies with the defects he had a chance at another life. When we went through the many ultrasounds to make sure Noa's kindeys were working it was both a comfort and a trauma. But at the same time being able to keep checking it until we were sure she was going to be okay was such a blessing.

I feel so bad for Connor. It's got to be so hard for him. :( Especially at his age. I wonder... would it be possible to make a little video of him (Connor) that you can take with you to play 'for' the baby and then make a return video from Aiden? It might perk him up if he's getting to participate in your visits somehow, especially with there being many more days til he can see him again.

Telisha Garris said...

He is doing so good! A few more days and Connor (prayfully and hopefully) will be able to see and hold his lil bro!

Kerry said...

WOW! Prayers to you and yours! Remind connor in a couple of years when he is complaining about his brother.. how much he wanted him :)