Thursday, March 29, 2012


Every time I get my hopes up it gets smashed into a million pieces. I feel in such  a blur right now. I get up earlier, pump  go to work because if I don't I'll have no time to spend with my Aiden when he gets home and everyday there is a set back means I have less time with him after he gets home :(.  I know I need to wait for when hes ready but so many days of big steps back beginning to wonder if that day will ever come.  So if it isn't obvious yet my little one did not get moved upstairs.

His potassium levels are high and he is occasionally breathing fast which has them concerned. He was off of the oxygen when I got there but they put him back on it. I think the breathing fast is just him hurting from gas, cause they can't find anything wrong with x-rays and when I was holding him he would occasionally breath fast and then act in pain after. They did not do the swallow test because of his quick breathing so still has a feeding tube. They said there's a chance he could end up coming home with the feeding tube and oxygen will see.

Sorry just down right now this Mom is a bit worn out right now.


Piper said...

I'm sorry he's had another setback :( hoping tomorrow is a good day for him!

Telisha Garris said...

Praying for you, your family and most especially little Aiden!
He will make it through! He will be home soon!
I wish I could hug you - if you need a girls day let me know.
I can cook, make tea, let you cry or just give you one of my most annoying hugs.
Love you

Heather said...

Thanks for the offer, I know this is all hitting me so hard becasue exhausted and just so busy running from one place to the next. I'd love to take you up on your offer but right now my time is beyond limited. Think whats bugging me the most is he looks great and hes acting the same as always. I just don't see the problems there worried about!

Ali said...

That has got to be so hard! I am so sorry hun. I think other heart moms have said this, and I did this as well in the hospital... Just get in the mindset that any time frames that the nurses or Dr's tell you, add a week to it in your head. That way when he does get moved sooner than you were thinking you'll be pleasently surprised! Also, if it takes longer, you won't be as disappointed.
I know that is easier said than done when all those dang nurses are saying otherwise and it doesn't happen, but it really worked for me!
Good luck sweetie! It will happen and he will be home with you in no time. Just have to get over this bump in the road.
Heart Hugs!