Saturday, March 3, 2012

And it all catches up to you.

What an eventful week it has been. Wednesday was very stressful at work. Kept getting calls that night from a co worker trying to get short holds to work. (Only good part of Wednesday was having a snowball fight with my son in the garage :). He never did So I got up early the next morning to try and figure out what was wrong. I didn't figure it out, but I think we got a bad batch of chemicals which can't do much about that! So after trying tell about 9:15 I left for my non stress test and Doctor appointment.
While they were doing the NST I had to have a second monitor to monitor my heart beat rate which was in the 130s the entire time. Apparently my heart rate was so high that it could mask little A's it didn't and he passed the test. So they sent me off to see my Doctor. Who was much better then the last one I had. She automatically came in and said that we need to get my induction date set. So I have a date now! My little guy will be here March 14th! Anyways I left went back to work wasn't there or more then 10 minutes when I got a call from the hospital saying I needed to come back right now! Apparently my heart rate being in the 130s was not good. I of course knew why it was that high, its called lost of hours at work and stress! Anyways go back it was about 2 hours since they had checked it and it was still in the 130s. They had me do blood work and an EKG to check my heart. Well both of those came back fine and my heart rate had dropped to the 110s, still considered high by the time I got the EKG. I was sent home to rest and was told to rest on Friday as well.

On Friday I dropped boogie boy off at my mom's and headed back to the hospital to get my heart rate checked again. It was in the 80s. No surprise to me I got some rest so it was lower! Afterwards I went back home alone and rested some more, eventually I left and picked up boogie boy. Who had a fun time at grandma's.

I've been given Doctors orders to no longer work any overtime, which I'll do I only have 7 work days left until little A is here... oh boy. I'm just trying to stay calm for both of us, though its hard knowing what is to come in under two weeks. Is it possible to stay fully calm when you now you baby in two weeks time may be having surgery???? I think NOT.

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Telisha Garris said...

March 14th! Sweet! Can't wait to know that he is in this world! The sooner its over the better - then you can relax and just wait until the day you can take him home!
It will be here before you know it!
Just breathe until then!