Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2 weeks

My little guy is 2 weeks old today and well so far I do not have much to report on from yesterday. all of his continuous IVs have been removed.  He's still on oxygen but not much and he still has a feeding tube and that is running continuously with breast milk with added fats in it. they are apparently trying to get his weight up. He will not be getting rid of that tube yet. tomorrow they are going to do a swallow test. apparently the surgery he had there is a nerve near  the aorta that effects how you swallow that can become swollen after surgery and may need time to heal before he can start drinking from a bottle again. Here's hoping he passes!

I've been told he may be moved to the third floor tonight, but I have yet to hear if they have or not planning on calling in a bit to see. Best part of the day I got to hold him! though Daddy beat me to the room and held him first, which was good he had been to  chicken to hold him before the surgery, the IVs made him nervous.

He did eventually hand him over to me and I must admit I was a little on edge holding him today. Seeing his healing cut on his chest made me nervous to hold him! I didn't want to hurt him and didn't help he was being a little grumpy because he kept sneezing and you could tell it hurt. That and he was gassy as well which was also uncomfortable for him. we also did the CPR class. It was a video and a baby dummy. Which is our to keep. So yes we know have a CPR baby dummy.  And lastly a photo hubby just HAD to take :).
live long and prosper

Oh and I called and looks like he isn't being moved tonight, guessing tomorrow he'll be tken out of the ICU.


Rhianna said...

Is it messed up how hard I'm laughing at the thought of having a baby CPR dummy just lying around the house?

I would so mess with Adam and put it in random places... like in with the towels in the closet or ni the lazy susan with the mac n' cheese.

"How did this get here?"

"I dunno... must have crawled in there on it's own."

It's great you guys got to learn that though. Very, very important! I wish I'd taken the class when I was pregnant with Noa.

He's looking so good! Very sweet seeing K hold him. :) It's amazing the progress just a week has shown. Can't wait to be hearing all about him being home and keeping you up all night! :D

Telisha Garris said...

Hmmm wonder what you will do with a CPR dummy?
Is it cute? Can you at least dress it up?
Love the Vulcan hand solute!

Heather said...

I'll take a picture of the CPR baby dummy later lol.

Ali said...

That is wonderful how well he is doing! That is so hard to watch as they do something so normal (like sneezing) and know it is hurting them. Tanner got the hick-ups a couple days after his surgery and it freaked me out watching his chest go in and out, and I just knew he was in pain.
Congratulations on going to the floor soon! That much closer to going home!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Just to let you know I've been following the blog but not always commenting. I couldn't resist this pic though - he's a Trekker at only 2 weeks old, bless him xx
It's obviously a genetic thing LOL.