Monday, March 19, 2012

More answers and brothers

Today we took Connor to see his brother. Nurses said it would be fine for him to see him and since we felt he needed to see him one more time before his surgery that today would be the best day. Connor was great about it he kept saying I like him and he's cute. he was also very gentle with his brother which was also good.

Now he will not be seeing his brother again until he comes home. But yes he was very good about the whole thing. Aiden was for the most part oblivious to it all. Seems whenever I hold him he just cuddles up close and falls into a deep content sleep.  I also got to feed him again. yesterday they were feeding him 5 ccs of milk every 4 hours today 10. He drinks it up so very fast, just wish he could have more then that but there mainly feeding him so that his journey to get home after his surgery is faster. better he knows how to drink milk before then after his surgery.

Now while me hubby and C was there we were able to talk to a few people one was the pharmacist whom described the side effects of the different medicines he is on. One of the side effects is apnea, basically occasional stops breathing. Which he has done but strangely enough only when I'm holding him... he gets to relaxed in my arms it seems. So they have him on oxygen for that reason. The other deals with the nutrition they give him can cause liver problems becasue it makes the liver work harder. they didn't really say anything about long term effects but I imagine its something they keep an eye on.

We next got to talk to a cardiologist who said that he has not one but two defects in his aorta. he first has the narrowing which we already knew about, but he also has extra tissue growth farther up and inside the aorta that causes narrowing in itself. both will need to be corrected with surgery. now because he has these two defects and not just the one they have to go through his chest and not under the arm. they cannot reach both under his arm. This means he will have a scar on his chest and it will be a longer surgery.  Aiden will be prepped at 7 -7:30 am on Wednesday and the surgery can last from anywhere from 12-1 pm.

Tomorrow I will be going up by myself because hubby only has so much vacation time and so is working tomorrow. My mom will be watching Connor and so it'll just be me for quiet sometime because I need to talk to a lot of people tomorrow and sign a lot of things for permission to operate. So I will be talking to a surgeon, anesthesiologist and the girl we talked to earlier about the genetic study wants to talk to us as well. Its going to be long day tomorrow., but not as long as Wednesday.

Oh and no he hasn't opened his eyes around me yet! He just gets to cozy with me.

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Telisha Garris said...

Amazing photos! Love them!

So much for you guys to deal with! I don't blame him for not opening his eyes around you - it seems that all he wants to do is sleep whenever his mama is there!
No a bad thing ;)