Sunday, March 18, 2012

Milk and Oxygen

I called Aiden's nurse this morning and heard something that made my day he got to drink some of my breast milk! Our plans on who was going to go got changed becasue poor hubby he has a hernia and normally it doesn't bother him but today it fell out and he could barely walk or move, was in a lot of pain so could not go up to the hospital with me :/.  I did not want to leave Connor with him either because of the amount of pain he was in. Thankfully my parents are always willing to help. I technically should not be driving due to one of the pain killers I am on at the moment.  So my dad came over and picked up Connor and myself. We dropped of Connor at my mom's house and my dad and I went up to Primarys. Since it was Sunday and we usually eat at my  Mom's house for dinner Russ (made him take some of my ibuprofen, they gave me three months worth) was finally feeling better enough and drove over to my Mom's house and so was there when we got back.

When we got there I sat down in my usually chair and just held my little Aiden which is mainly all I can do but I need that time and I do feel he needs it to. He is very cuddly. I learned while I was there that occasionally he is having dips with his oxygen levels and they at first were blowing oxygen onto him, but were going to add nose prongs to make sure he was getting enough.

After holding him for a bit the nurse asked if I wanted to feed him. And of course I said yes! So after changing him into a clean diaper and nice new blanket I was given him back and a bottle. It took me some time to get him to settle down I tried feeding him a few times with the bottle (picture below shows the one attempt that he did drink for a moment). I eventually had to give up and used both arms to hold him very tightly to me. That finally settled him down and he began to relax, dad then gave him his bottle while I cuddled closely to my little boy.

My nurse said he opened his eyes for her! but has yet to for me and she said his eyes looked blue. Man I wish he would open them for me! I know I'll see them eventually but yeah :/. Oh and had a cute moment with Connor a few minutes ago. I started crying like I doeveryday right now. he looked over at me and said "you miss your Aiden?" I nodded he came over patted my arm said it'll be OK and gave me a big hug. Boy did I need that right then.


Telisha Garris said...

Have I mentioned how glad I am that you started this blog?
In a few years when amazingly enough these memories start to fade you will have everything written down!
Also you can print this in book form - Aiden's birth story - better then a baby book. Save some things from the hospital to add in and make it a little bit more scrapbooky.
Also if you ever need another baby sitter (parents busy) call me!
I am sure that Connor and LM would get along fine!
Very glad you have great parents! (jealous!)

Heather said...

I know I am making sure I give myself some time each day to write down what happened becasue yes I won't remember all of this later and I want to document as much as I can!

Dawn Black said...

I wish I was there to offer help as well, I'm so glad that your parents are there. They are wonderful, and supportive, and I am so happy for you to have them with your right now.
I am so glad that you are able to hold him. Soon the surgery will be done and he will be on his way to recovery, and then living his life with you!