Monday, March 26, 2012


Were getting much closer to being moved upstairs! Only two things stands in our way, one I didn't know about until today *grumbles under breath*. The first is Aiden getting off of the ventilator and second hubby and I have to do a CPR class before he can be moved. Why they waited to tell us until he had been there for 12 days? I really don't know. We both have to be there to do it and hubby is working full time now and thankfully was already planning on coming up Wednesday and working a half day so we can do it then, but it means Aiden can't be moved until after we do this. kind of annoyed becasue we were both there over the weekend. They couldn't mention it then? *sigh*.

So I got there just in time to see a lot of stuff done on my little lion. He already had the monitor on his forehead removed but they removed all the wires and chest tube while I was there.  he's fully closed up and the catheter is gone as well! they also removed the bandage covering his incision. Its quiet long but it looks to be healing well.

I held his little hand while they were removing the wires you could tell it was hurting him and if he could have cried he would have. Its hard being in that room with him and it being so quiet all of the time, but he can't cry with the vent down his throat :(. Now I coulnd't watch the chest tube be pulled out. I was about an inch or more inside of him *cringes*.  They did have issues stitching him up afterwards he needed more then what normally is needed (the lower bandage in the photo is were it was).

Hes also off of a lot of medicines. No more vitamin supplments hes now on breast milk yay! While I was there they also did an echo on his heart I was not told the results since it was a tech doing it and not one of teh cardiologists.  So yes overall a good day. When i elft they were going ot do another breath test on him. They turn the ventilator off for an hour and see how he does. There thinking he may do better with the chest tube out of him now *crosses fingers*.


Telisha Garris said...

I agree - very annoying that they didn't tell you earlier, you had all those days of wanting to do something, anything to get ready, keep busy ect and only NOW they spring it on you?
I would complain.
Glad he is doing so wonderful!

Rhianna said...

Dayum that looks so ouchy! But what an encouraging bit of progress. :)

Keep the posts coming! It's great seeing his progress and knowing he's getting stronger. It's like watching a miracle unfold.