Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Big day tomorrow

I'm so on edge right now tomorrow is the day and I'm still waiting for the surgeon to call and talk to me :/. Maybe they'll talk to me in the morning? I don't know.  I feel helpless and useless and very frustrated. I spent three hours with my little Aiden today just holding him for as long as I could because it will be sometime before I can hold him again.  Doesn't help that right now Connor is really acting up and hubby got home late from work. Everything that I didn't need happened. Only one good thing happened today Aiden opened his eyes and looked at me.I really needed that

I'd go on more about today but I'm not in the right sate of mind for this and I'll just end it with a picture.

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Piper said...

Oh, he is a little cutie :)

Thinking of you today and wishing you some peace while you wait {{hugs}}