Friday, March 23, 2012

One day at a time

Going up to his room today I admit I was worried on what i would see. He had a not to great day yesterday so yes I was worried what I would see when I entered his room. As I walked up I felt instant relief. The UV light was gone his color looked better and he wasn't as swollen as he was yesterday and he looked so much more comfortable. His main worse wasn't in teh room at the time but I didn't need to be told that he was doing better. I had called that morning and was told that they had gotten his meds better and that he was peeing much better.

They did lower the respirator for a time to check to see how he would do without it they said he did well but they wanted hi to stay on it until tomorrow. And the best part of my visit today? He woke up and looked about a lot. he was very calm while he was awake just layed there content. he wasn't grimacing are getting upset with us talking. I rubbed his head and his eyes closed, seemed he really liked it. When I talked to him he looked over at me ♥. It truly was a better day.

While we were there the one of the social workers came by and gave me a blanket that her mom made and  a pin that says heart mom. I didn't know until then that she had been a nurse in the CICU until she had a heart baby of her own who unfortunately did not make it.

My very talented mom also made him a shirt. Isn't it cute? Can't wait until the day that he can wear it!
 last but not least my Connor drew something other then scribbles today! So proud of him!


Telisha Garris said...

I am so thrilled with how well he is doing!
Thank you for continually letting us know how you and the whole family is!
Love you

Heather said...

Writing everyday about him right now I must admit has been helping me as well. I feel I need to get this all down. The ups and downs, helping me emotionally.