Saturday, March 17, 2012

All about Aiden

Every time I go and see my little guy I am trying to soak up every little detail of him. One thing I do want to see is his eyes and he has yet to open them when I am there. Now they do look a little swollen and I'm pretty sure it because of all the different medicines that they have him on. I know I'll be able to see them eventually but I would love to see him now! Also he's always asleep which yes I know newborns sleep but still I just want him to open those eyes and look at me :/. I'm figuring I'll have plenty of that when he gets home. Whenever that will be/ I am really hoping he'll be home in time for Easter, but its all up in the air. His surgery date has been changed it is now Wednesday at 8:30 am. No one has told me why they changed it, but I figured that out on my own. there is another baby in the room next to him that also need surgery and that ones surgery is on Tuesday, he must need more then Aiden.

I took a few pictures today of his room. figured that since this is his home right now I should take a picture of it.

And here is him in this little incubator and of course all the wires and tubes.
Finally got one of him not bundled up you can see that his little legs are swollen imagine its because of the blood pressure cuff ad everything else they have for monitoring my precious little boy.

All of his medicine is being administered through his umbilical cord.

Today I went up with my parents wile hubby stayed home with Connor. Tomorrow were going to drop Connor off with grandma and grandpa and mommy and daddy will be spending time with our little guy. Now I must say even though he's basically asleep whenever I'm there I have noticed some of his personality. Whenever I am holding him and move him a little or say remove one of my arms he instantly scrunches up his face and starts crying and will not stop until I put my arm back where it was. So yes my three day old keeps telling off mommy for moving because he's comfy darn it! Oh how I can not wait for the day that he is in my arms and not in a hospital and not hooked up to all of those monitors and medicines. As hubby says this is just a small fraction of his life, a blink of an eye. These weeks will go and then he'll be ours for the res of our lives, which we may not have had if his heart defect had not been caught.

I'm already storing breast milk for him, my milk is finally starting to come in and though he can't have it yet :/ he'll have plenty once he can eat after his surgery.

Mommy, Daddy and big brother love you Aiden!

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Telisha Garris said...

I am deeply thankful for technology. Also thankful that he should only need one surgery!